About Farow

A Culinary Journey Rooted in Passion and Purpose

Nestled in Niwot, Colorado, our story began with co-owners and life partners, Patrick & Lisa Balcom, driven by a shared passion for sustainable agriculture and culinary excellence. Our commitment to the farm-to-table concept is unwavering, with around 90% of our ingredients sourced within a 10-mile radius, extending to a 500-mile radius when needed. By forgoing larger distributors, we proudly support local businesses and offer a diverse menu crafted from responsibly-sourced, high-quality ingredients.

We care deeply about how our food is grown and raised and the impact it has on not only the health of the planet, but how it impacts the health of the humans consuming it.  We don’t subscribe to any specific diet or lifestyle.  We just believe eating clean, fresh food should be available to all.  Our 100% grass fed beef and lamb are raised on pasture just 3 miles up the road grazing on their natural diets.  Our pork, along with the beef and lamb enjoys the ability to forage and roam free.  Our produce comes from farmers who not only use organic practices, but regenerative ones as well.  All of our grain is grown regionally and is organic, heirloom and milled fresh in North Boulder.  We use these flours to make all of our bread, pasta, and crackers fresh in house.  Our eggs are free range from local small farmers. Our dairy comes from local grass fed cows.  During the summer months, we preserve and pickle a bounty of produce for the colder months. We dehydrate the herbs from our summer garden.

Dining with us transcends the ordinary; it's a pleasurable act where every bite is cherished, and each ingredient shines in its peak season. We believe in simplicity that doesn't compromise flavor, offering a culinary experience that invites you to indulge your senses and rediscover the joy of high-quality, thoughtfully prepared food. Join us at Farow to savor the best of the Front Range—where culinary excellence meets sustainable practices. We cordially invite you to a seat at our table to savor the best of what Colorado has to offer.